protect_themOn a horse where you do you apply essential oils?

The only essential oils recommendation are therapeutic medical grade.  (dōTERRA is that quality).  Adding a carrier oil to the essential oil can be a great benefit depending on the condition.  If apply to the skin the oil allows the oil to soak into the skin of the horse easier.


  • It does depend on the oil and the horse, but usually topically you can apply 5-6 drops along the spine
  • Massage in

Coronet Band

  • Place up to 3 drops on the coronet band. You can apply as a direct drop or apply with your finger
  • Massage in


  • If you want your horse to have the ability to inhale the essential oils and just be around them this can be easily done
  • For example: if your horse is a nervous/anxious horse you can place lavender on their halter.  If you want the horse to be able to have the essential oil in their stall or in the trailer with them and don’t want to place it on their halter you can place the oil on the cotton part of a tampon and tie it safely around their feed/water bucket area.  This is an area they will go to frequently and will be able to inhale the essential oil at the same time.  Within a trailer you can do the same in an area where they can easily inhale the effects
  • Depending on your barn setup you can diffuse the oil through a diffuser
  • You can apply to the horses chest for them to inhale as a rub
  • Inhalation is a great way to transmit the oils through the blood/brain barrier via the nasal passages


  • Or if using internally 2 drops in their feed twice daily
  • * Remember only certain oils are to be used internally.  Make sure to read the recommendations on each oil

Affected Area

  • Oils can be applied to the affected areas through a roller ball mixture, dabbing on, spray
  • The application method will depend on what the issue pertains to.  Obviously it is easier to use a spray if the horse for some reason does not want you to touch a particular area, eg. wound


Where/How to Apply?