Article by:  Teresa Timmerman, DIYHealthy4U – October 2018

Essential oils are one of the top sellers in today’s consumable marketplace. In 2016 the global essential oil market size was valued at 6.63 billion USD and it is being estimated to be 11.9 billion by 2022.

Why are Essential Oils Key?

The simplicity and beauty of essential oils being diffused in a home can expel stale scents, along with providing a refreshing, clean scent. When a potential buyer enters a home we want them to experience a positive experience.


Aroma within the home has a definite impact. Researcher Eric Spangenberg, Dean of the College of Business, Washington State University has spent years studying the effect of smell on buying behaviour. He has noted that complex smells can be a distraction to potential home buyers.

In the past we have all thought the smell of warm-baked chocolate chip cookies, or a roast cooking were positive scents and aromas to have within your home during a home viewing. However, what has been researched and results show these smells are termed “complex” scents/smells. A complex scent forces the potential buyer to process and ask themselves “what is that smell?” which disengages their attention from the home and the potential purchase.

For an aroma to work properly the scent must be faint and natural – lemon, pine or orange scents were found within a study to aim for a pleasant and natural scent rather than powerful, toxic scents which you find in air fresheners and artificial sprays (along with being difficult for prospective buyers with breathing vulnerability).  The end research result found that citrus was the most popular with the majority of individuals because of the simplicity and freshness it offers.  The scents viewed as natural are lemon, pine, or orange. The scent to choose to diffuse within these can lie within the home itself.  How does the home itself participate? Good question, if an older home, pine works well with the emotional feeling of age; if a home is new lemon resonates as emotionally it is a fresh, clean uplifting aroma; and orange suites well in most situations as a whole.

The Australian chapter of ran a test with 44 prospective home buyers and arranged them into separate groups to view the same home on different occasions using different aromas.  Those aromas were freshly-baked brownies, hot bread, freshly brewed coffee, citrus or smelly socks. The groups were then asked to estimate the overall value of the home, having been provided with a guide price by the selling agent. The end results were that citrus was more popular and had the highest perceived value of the home with the majority, due to the simplicity and freshness it brought to the space, while baked goods created feelings of hunger and confusion and deterred the buyers from purchasing the property. Other results from this study indicate the smell of citrus increased the perceived value of a home.

Another research study from Dr. Megan Thornton, a lecturer in food science at Deakin University states “While a few years ago it was popular to be baking cookies or doing a big Sunday roast with all the trimmings which smells amazing, the research is starting to show that it’s the more simple, subtle scents that are more important. They have to be ambient in that you don’t really notice, they’re in the background and you don’t think they are influencing you in any way but they still evoke simple, clean type memories,” she says. Citrus works because of its simplicity and it also stimulates buyers Thornton says, but a chemical citrus smell would not work in the same way. “If people have come across the smell before and they pick up that it is an air freshener or a cleaning product then they’re going to say there’s something being covered up here and they’ll start to look for something that might be wrong,” she says.


There are numerous studies conducted in this area (too many to list all here) and the conclusions remain consistent.  At this point are you asking yourself as a realtor “I think I should be adding an essential oil to my open house set of toolbox?”  YES, and that is where I come in ….

Not all essential oils are equal. Similar to everything within our culture there are brands of essential oils which do not hold what many call “the gold” standard. doTERRA does!  doTERRA is the #1 essential oil company worldwide, the most tested, the most trusted, and a pure therapeutic essential oil.  I am an essential oil educator and pride myself in education and in representing a company that you can trust. Contact me, Teresa Timmerman for assistance on your journey to incorporate these gifts of the earth into your business toolbox!

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