We know how much everyone likes dōTERRA products! Interested … I welcome you to my DIYHealthy4U team.  family-wellness-kitIts always good to get involved with a business that you can trust and more so products that you can believe in, in the case of dōTERRA you have both. dōTERRA is a well respected company that began in 2008 by several health industry and business professionals and they specialize in high quality therapeutic-grade (tested) essential oils and related products, with the goal of sharing their life – enhancing benefits to the world.

Why Join my Team?

There are other Wellness Advocates, so why join my team DIYHealthy4U?  First off, joining a team really means that the person (me) you join with is their to help you with your essential oil journey.  They are there for education, help, assistance.  I am all about education and empowering knowledge.  I offer workshops with a wide-range of topics.  From your  personal day-to-day aspects with you, and your family to removing the toxic materials you use when cleaning your home to managing emotion workshops.  These are just a few of the workshops  offered.  In addition, where I believe I have a strong additional benefit to you is my knowledge and experience using essential oils with your dog (canine) and horse (equine) friends.

How Do You Purchase?

There are two ways to sign up with dōTERRA.  You can become a Wellness Advocate or a Wholesale Customer (dōTERRA Member).  Both options are great alternatives that allow you to shop in your home, have DIYHealthy4U – Teresa Timmerman work with you to understand about the essential oils and dōTERRA.  You then empower yourself and your family with your wellness goals!

What are the Benefits of becoming a dōTERRA Member?

  • Wholesale prices 25% below retail
  • Member Loyalty Rewards Program
    • purchase monthly to receive up to 30% of your order back in product points
    • product points may be redeemed for FREE products
  • Product of the Month Club – place a 125 PV order by the 15th of each month and you will receive a free product

When you are a Wellness Advocate, you can sell and supplement your income by what comes naturally when you are working with such great incredible pure products.  You can sell, share, and talk about the amazing essential oils which dōTERRA offers!  If you want to enjoy dōTERRA products at a discounted price, signing up as a Wellness Advocate is an economical option.  You can earn product discounts, free products, bonuses and much more.

If you just want to be able to buy the products at a discounted rate for your home and family to use personally you can join as a Wholesale Customer.  As a Wholesale Customer you can still received product discounts and free product.

Ask about the differences today? … I look forward to hearing from you.  Please email today info@diyhealthy4u.com.  I am here to help you in your journey!

To learn more:  https://www.mydoterra.com/diyhealthy4u/#/  and https://www.mydoterra.com/diyhealthy4u/#/joinAndSave