It seems like in today’s world we all have a story. Our story is who makes us, well us! So I ask myself, does “my” story really matter to others? It sure does! Just like your story matters to me. If you experience something that helps me and vice versa well then both stories matter. And heck who knows what is going to change in each of our lives tomorrow, that all of a sudden, that story makes a difference.

I have always been strong in my working career. I pushed no matter what. I kept pushing as wasn’t that what “I was supposed to do?” “Wasn’t I to be the best employee I knew how?” In reality what I was doing was pushing myself backwards health-wise. The time for me (self-care … was that really a thing?) in the equation I just didn’t know how to prioritize myself at all. My career kept moving forward and I was proud of that, but my health well …. Maybe if I just didn’t pay attention, then maybe the issues would go away, after-all I looked okay from the outside, right? Yet, I was suffering.

In public school my skin irritation issues on my hands and bleeding noses were the norm. I was told I just wanted attention. I was allergic to something, but what? Could it have been all the chemicals/toxins in my life and I was overly sensitive. In my early 20’s I developed my 1st autoimmune disorder, then in my 30’s headaches took over my world and my liver paid the price, my 40’s another autoimmune disorder, and fast forward to my 50’s where I added the 3rd autoimmune disorder. In the last 30 years there were numerous signs and way more issues than I have listed here, but there always was that nagging inner voice “are you paying attention to your body?” “Your body is telling you there is a problem”. “When are you going to realize you can’t keep going at this rate and putting on the pretty smile and saying all is ok for another day?”

Deep down I kept trying things, but nothing was making a difference. Then a friend talked to me about the essential oils she was using. “Well why not give it a try?” I said to myself, you’ve tried other solutions before why not give this a try too? Telling myself, “it is natural, so my sensitivities shouldn’t come into play”.

The headaches were taking over my life though. I had taken more over the counter medication to deal with the headache/tension pain that I cared to admit to anyone.

I took Peppermint and placed it on my temples for the first time and within seconds the cooling sensation on my temples began to occur. Within minutes the headache was dissipating, then it was just gone. I thought is this for real!? Something natural? Next headache I did the same thing. Wow! This was for real. So then the process began of starting to explore essential oils. I was hooked. I have never looked back. What does that tell you? Well for 1) it worked for me, and 2) my liver is thankful!

My journey with essential oils began and has become my norm and go-to. More and more the transitions that they have added to my life are life changing! These plant-based alternatives resonate so effectively with my system and my sensitivities.

I never went into doTERRA to do a business. I went into it to “try” as I had “tried” so many other options before the “why not mentally” … however, this time the “why not … actually worked for me!” “Wow now it has been life-changing”.

I left my work career that I was accustom to (now that was a shocker). I actually thought, I needed to try another career avenue. So many changes, occurred in my life and these little brown essential oil bottles were such a huge part of it. I was in the life picture again! My vibrancy was back and how I feel when I share and teach workshops on these essential oils … well it fills up my cup! The ability to be of service to someone else who is going through their own issues whether those be medical or emotional; they deserve the help I found. So DIYHealthy4U was founded. The Do-It-Yourself Healthy For You, lifestyle is here!!

I am here. I decided to show up and help. Does it serve your needs? Are you interested and open to learn and experience some of the solutions I discovered?