Why did I choose dōTERRA?

Within the world of essential oils there are numerous essential oils you can choose from.  In life we always should look at our world and decisions as “our why”.  What motivated us to do whatever the task at hand or goal was or is. Why did I decide on dōTERRA?  For me it was a simple choice it was about the best product I could find, trust and empowering solution for me.

My name is Teresa Timmerman a Wellness Advocate #3294666 within dōTERRA.  Yes I have a business within dōTERRA, but that is not why I picked it. I wanted to be able to provide myself, my family, friends, and animals (dogs and horses) a safe and natural alternative.  I have always had sensitivities to chemicals/toxins and as I have aged these sensitivities have increased.  For me it was about answers that worked for me!  I needed to add to my level of control within my home.

The first product I tried was Peppermint.  I have suffered for headaches most of my life.  I have taken more over the counter medication to deal with the headache/tension pain that I care to admit.  I took Peppermint and placed it on my temples for the first time and within seconds the cooling sensation on my temples began to occur.  Within minutes the headache was dissipating, then it was just gone.  I thought is this for real? Something so natural? Next headache I did the same thing.  Wow! This was for real.  The process began I started exploring essential oils.  I was hooked.  I have never looked back. What does that tell you?  Well for one it works, and for reason two my liver is thankful — I have removed the medications which are so hard on them. I found natural solutions which I trust and use.

I am a knowledge junky when it comes to something that intrigues me!  I am always learning and developing my own personal development within the essential oil world.  Currently I am studying to receive my Essential Oil Health Coach certification.  Please note all essential oils need to be of the highest quality you can find! You must develop your own knowledge and comfort levels to apply and correctly use essential oils.  When applied safety and correctly, they can work wonders in supporting mental and physical health and wellness for people everywhere.

I now have a team of wellness advocates and customers who I thrive to help and educate with these beautiful “gifts of the earth”.  Interested in joining my team? Let me help you provide natural solutions for you and your family.

Teresa Timmerman
Essential Oils Educator
AromaTouch Therapy Certified Practitioner
Wellness Advocate #3294666 for dōTERRA – email
division of Gord Timmerman Investments
122021 Sideroad 12, Owen Sound, ON  N4K 5N5    Canada